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A Backlash on Speaking Out About Mutilation

Alifya Sulemanji  When Alifya (Ally) Sulemanji first disclosed on Facebook that she opposed female genital cutting, she got unfriended by a handful of women in her religious community. But the backlash got worse. Now, says the New York activist, some women at her mosque won't… View More


Each One Reach One 2 Sister Brother Conversation Guide

Each One Reach One 2 - Day 25  Sister Brother conversation guide Family is a good place to start the conversation about khatna. They are your support when you make important choices in life. Brothers can be confidantes at times on things that are difficult to explain or rationalize with your parents. Here… View More


US Genital Mutilation Scandal Widens to Include Mothers

June 21, 2017  “Two mothers were indicted Wednesday and accused of participating in a widening conspiracy....Arif and Dahodwala were arraigned in federal court Wednesday, ordered to wear GPS tethers and released on $10,000 unsecured bonds. The women, whose ages and hometowns were not available, are not U.S. citizens and were ordered to surrender their Indian passports.”   Read… View More


Each One Reach One 2 Father Daughter Conversation Guide

Photo credit: SahiyoHaving a conversation on khatna with your father can be challenging for all sorts of reasons, from the notion that one reason khatna is done is to control a woman’s sexuality, to the fact that within the Bohra community, sexuality is not a topic women speak of to… View More


Each One Reach One 2 In-Laws conversation guide

Photo credit: Sahiyo  Bohra households are of various types; some may be liberal, some conservative and some in-between. Conversations with elders, especially parents and in-laws, can be challenging due to sensitive and controversial nature of the practice of khatna. Keeping this in… View More


Mosque denies paying for FGM

The Farmington Hills mosque whose members have been charged in a female genital mutilation scandal denied allegations Wednesday that it paid to have the procedure performed on girls. In a letter, the Anjuman-e-Najmi mosque called the accusation, made during a custody hearing Tuesday by attorney Cynthia Nunez, false.   Read more… View More


Lawyer accuses Detroit mosque of paying for FGM

Attorney Cheryl Nunez, who is serving as guardian for Nagarwala's children, told a judge Tuesday that the mosque they all attend paid for female genital mutilation procedures on young girls. Read more… View More


Each One Reach One 2 Husband Wife conversation guide

Each One Reach One 2 - Day 14: Talking about khatna between husband and wife Sensitive topics are often the hardest to bring up even in a very close marital relationship.  Use the opportunity of #EachOneReachOne to talk about your… View More


Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy supports WeSpeakOut

          Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy is a grassroots organization for Indian Muslims living n the 21st century. IMSD strongly condemns the practice of female genital… View More


Each One Reach One 2 Talking with someone who claims you are not a supporter of Aqa Maula

Each One Reach One 2 - Day 9 In your #EachOneReachOne conversations with other Bohras about Khatna, you might come across some who perceive you to be anti-Islam, or anti-Aqa Maula, for questioning the practice. Here are some talking points/questions that you could consider during these… View More