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Female genital mutilation prevalent among Bohras despite rising anger

Hyderabad: Victims of the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation in Mumbai have been speaking out about the practice that is prevalent among the Bohra community in India and others around the world. Both the United Nations and the National Commission for Women in India have taken note of this practice. February 6 was declared… View More


WeSpeakOut’s Masooma Ranalvi hailed as one of the “New Age Feminists of 2015”

  Dec 31, 2015: CNN News18, in their story “Ideas That Shaped 2015” included WeSpeakOut’s Masooma Ranalvi as one of the “New Age Feminists of 2015”. Ranalvi shared her story of khatna and described the petition to ban khatna, which went viral within 48 hours of it being… View More


Global Muslim Women’s Shura Council condemns FGM/C

The Global Muslim Women’s Shura Council, a council of Muslim women scholars, activists, and specialists, wrote this statement which “condemns female genital cutting as a harmful practice that violates the teachings of Islam and suggests ways to eliminate it."   Read the full report… View More