Doctor of 27 years in Godhra shares his experience of patients who have undergone FGM/Khafz

Dr. Sujaat Vali, of Godhra, Gujarat, discusses what he and his colleagues have seen with girls and women who have undergone FGM/Khafz in… Read more ›

WeSpeakOut expresses hope for the cause of elimination of FGM/khafz from India

  Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), also known as Khafz in the Bohra community, is a centuries old harmful traditional practice. WeSpeakOut, a collective of women from the community, have been working steadfastly for the last four years to eliminate FGM/Khafz by… Read more ›

Dear Minister Maneka Gandhi

Dear Minister Maneka Gandhi, what more proof do you need to accept that we have been subject to female genital mutilation? On 27 June, 2018, a press release by PIB , Government of India, WCD ministry said “female genital mutilation, stoning etc. are not practiced in India”. The release basically was to counter the claims about the dangers for women in India, made by a reuters poll on “the world's… Read more ›

WeSpeakOut marches to call for end to FGM in India on March 8

A large collective of Womens Rights organisations came together this year to plan and celebrate International Women's Day on 8th March, 2018, by marching together in Delhi from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar to highlight the issues of women. The issues focused on by the multitude of organisations were: Socio-Economic… Read more ›

WeSpeakOut discusses Gender and Policy in India at the School of Policy and Governance

School of Policy and Governance (SPG) invited WeSpeakOut’s Masooma Ranalvi to present at the SPG's executive education program entitled… Read more ›

Study reveals extent of FGM/C in India - The Guardian

The Guardian highlights the recent study conducted by Lakshmi Anatnarayan, Shabana Diler and Natasha Menon: Just weeks after the Indian government declared that there… Read more ›

Bohra women in Pakistan speak out

From For generations, women of a secretive Muslim sect have removed what they call "forbidden flesh" from their… Read more ›

WeSpeakOut reaches out to PM Modi on the International Day of the Girl

On 11 Oct 2017, the International Day of the Girl, WeSpeakOut urges PM Modi to spare a thought for the hundreds of girls in India from the Bohra community and some communities in Kerala which practice female genital mutilation known as khatna/khafz in order… Read more ›

A Bohra woman’s open letter to PM Modi on freedom from Female Genital Mutilation

Masooma Ranalvi, convenor of We Speak Out pens a heartfelt open letter to PM Modi:   Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi, It was heartwarming to hear you specially refer to the plight of Muslim women who suffer from the practice of triple talaq, which is anti-women, on Independence day. Our independence will always be incomplete if women are subjugated, raped, burnt and tortured in the name of custom,… Read more ›

Each One Reach One 2 Friends Conversation Guide

Each One Reach One 2 - Day 32 Khatna has been happening for generations but it’s almost never talked about.  Now that it is in the news and all over social media, start a conversation with your friends as part of #EachOneReachOne2. Here are some questions to get the conversation flowing: Between… Read more ›

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