FGM/C survivors respond to letter supporting the act of khatna in Detroit

19 FGM/C survivors responded to a letter to the editor of the Detroit News by several women from the Detroit Bohra community who stated:

To be clear, we members of the Bohra faith are proud and patriotic American citizens who obey every law of the land — even those with which we disagree. We firmly believe that a practice that is harmless, far less invasive than male circumcision, and much more akin to a body piercing should in no way be put in the same category as some more barbaric practices from around the world that we wholeheartedly condemn.

The survivors responded:

We, as survivors, have had our human rights violated, our bodily autonomy taken away, and been punished for our femininity, in that our sexual organs are altered due to misguided beliefs of controlling sexuality.


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Letter signed by:

A. Renee Bergstrom, Ed.D.

Farrah Dalal

Farhat Rangwalla

Umme Kulsoom Arif

Aisha Yusuf

Maryah Haidery

Durriyah Khorakiwala, PhD

Maryum Saifee

Severina Lemachokoti

Dr. Nafees Saifee, M.D.

Sarah Rangwala

Aissata Camara

Alifya Sulemanji

Rashida Rangwala

Naima Dido

Habiba Dida

Zehra Patwa

Mariya Taher, MSW, MFA

Leena Khandwala

Shabnam Lainwala

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