Reach out efforts to all Bohra leaders to eradicate khatna

Over the last two years, we have been criticized heavily for not reaching out to the Bohra religious leadership to discuss the practice of khatna. However, since February 2016, we have contacted various Bohra leaders but have received mostly silence in response. Interestingly, when people have stated that we are not following the correct process for bringing up a topic with the clergy, we have asked for help from them to get that organized.  In response, we have been met with silence.


On Feb 19, 2016, WeSpeakOut (formerly Speak Out on FGM) sent a letter to Syedna Muffaddal Saifuddin of the Dawoodi Bohra group thanking him for issuing decrees in Australia asking Bohras residing there to refrain from Khatna, and urging him to issue a worldwide ban. We received no response.


A subsequent letter was sent to him on March 23, 2016, thanking him for issuing similar decrees in the US, and once again asking him to extend these worldwide. We have received no response.

On April 14, 2016, WeSpeakOut sent an introductory letter to Syedna Taher Fakhruddin, the other Dai claimant of the Dawoodi Bohra group (sometimes referred to as Qutbi Bohras). In response, his office released a statement specifying that khatna/khafz should not be performed on a minor girl and the decision to have khatna/khafz done was the free decision of an adult woman. WeSpeakOut is encouraged by his response. However, we recognize that not all adult women have free choice in the societies in which they live; social pressure can sway an adult's decision also. We must remain aware of this issue.

On Feb 5, 2017, similar introductory letters were sent to Saiyedna Wa Maula Ahmad Bin Ali ibn Abdullah of the Suleimani Bohra group and Saiyedna Abu Haatim Taiyeb Ziyauddin of the Alvi Bohra group. To date, we have received no response.

On the same day, a third letter was sent to Syedna Muffaddal Saifuddin of the Dawoodi Bohra group.  To date, we still have received no response.

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