WeSpeakOut expresses hope for the cause of elimination of FGM/khafz from India


Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), also known as Khafz in the Bohra community, is a centuries old harmful traditional practice.

WeSpeakOut, a collective of women from the community, have been working steadfastly for the last four years to eliminate FGM/Khafz by creating awareness of the harm caused by FGM/Khafz.

To this end, in February 2018. we released the first ever qualitative study based on field interviews of members of the community from 8 cities documenting, in detail, the effects of FGM/Khafz on the lives, bodies, and minds of women.The study titled "The Clitoral Hood: A Contested Site" found that 75% of all daughters of the study sample were subjected to FGM/Khafz.



Despite sex being a taboo topic, approximately 33% of women subjected to FGM/Khafz in the study believe it had negatively impacted their sexual life. Low sex drive, inability to feel sexual pleasure, difficulty trusting sexual partners, and oversensitivity in the clitoral area were some of the problems identified by several women. 

WeSpeakOut is also intervening in the PIL in the Supreme Court of India seeking a ban on FGM/Khafz and urging the Government to effect changes in the law and policy to prevent FGM/Khafz through education, rehabilitation of survivors, and training of doctors and other front end medical professionals in dealing with FGM/Khafz cases.


WeSpeakOut firmly believes that if India is to eliminate, eradicate and root out the outdated practice of FGM/Khafz from the country, it has to be done in a systematic multipronged manner with the complete coordination and cooperation of government agencies, the community, the police and health professionals, with an urgent need to educate, create awareness and conduct training for front-end professionals such as doctors, nurses, other medical professionals and teachers, in dealing sensitively with the issue and practice of FGM/Khafz.

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