WeSpeakOut reaches out to PM Modi on the International Day of the Girl

On 11 Oct 2017, the International Day of the Girl, WeSpeakOut urges PM Modi to spare a thought for the hundreds of girls in India from the Bohra community and some communities in Kerala which practice female genital mutilation known as khatna/khafz in order to control their sexuality.
FGM is a human rights violation, it is an act of violence against the girl child and is a form of sexual abuse. It is performed on girls aged 5 to 7 years. According to WHO , FGM has no medical benefits and only causes physical, psycho sexual and mental trauma.
India is a signatory of the UN resolution calling for an end to FGM worldwide. India is also committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of ending FGM by 2030.

To this end, let us make India free from FGM by banning this practice.

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